All you need to know about Lunar Eclipse of today

In India, on 7-8 August, people will be able to see tropical and partial lunar eclipse. The lunar eclipse will start on August 7 at 9.22 pm and will continue until 8 a.m. on August 8.

While partial lunar eclipse will start at 10.55 pm on August 7, which can be seen for 47 minutes after midnight. Country's top astronomy organization Space India released a statement on Sunday that the eclipse at 11.51pm on Monday night will be in its highest influence.

The lunar eclipse will last for about five hours a minute and partial lunar eclipse will last for one hour and 55 minutes. Partial lunar eclipse in Africa, Asia and Australia can be seen in its entirety.

Lunar eclipse and solar eclipse are always together and the lunar eclipse occurs two weeks before the solar eclipse. The lunar eclipse on August 7 is associated with the solar eclipse on August 21.

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