Allow sun rays to enter in your house
Allow sun rays to enter in your house

If you are too tired of working hard to earn money and you are not getting the fruits you want, then today we tell you some solution. Let's know about them -

1-Vastu Shastra has been told that if there is a plant of thorn in your house and the tree that produces milk, it can become a hindrance in your way of success. This leads to loss of money and health.

2- Never let the doors of bathrooms and toilet open in your house. By doing so, there is loss of money.

3- Do not keep medicines at any place in your home kitchen. By doing so, the health of the house is always bad.

4- The wall on the east side of your home should never be raised high. If the wall of this direction will be high, then the sunlight will stop from coming into the house. If there is no sunlight in the house, there is loss of wealth.

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