Be careful! your smartphone traces all your activity, even Facebook is spying on you

Mar 13 2018 03:55 PM
Be careful! your smartphone traces all your activity, even Facebook is spying on you

Is Your Android Smartphone spying on you? Actually, yes because whatever activity you do, Google has an account of it. That is, your Android smartphone permits to send your activity to Google. This is called 'Activity Recognition'. There has been a lot of discussion on this.

Many users here say that there is nothing new in this, but only users are not aware of this. Google itself believes that this activity recognition API sensor is placed on the top of the Android device. Google knows what you are doing as these sensors engaged in the device keep an eye on what the users are doing. Signals coming out of these multiple sensors monitor the activities of the users.

This Activity Recognition automatically detects the activities of the sensor by reading the data of the sensor. Even the activity Recognition tells the developer that where have you placed the phone. Your phone is moving or charging. Even when the users are running with the phone in a pocket or place the phone in the car. Google keeps everything up to date.

If you think Facebook is safe, then your wrong as Facebook does spy. Facebook keeps track of every user during browsing. As soon as you open the Internet, Facebook starts to monitor what cookies are going on in your system via cookies created in your system. Facebook detects its interests, needs through cookies files that are stored in every user's system, it is all by detecting the user's search history.  

After that, Facebook offers the products related, in front of you. Overall, Facebook sells its user demand to advertisers. Facebook does every user's monitoring with cookies stored in its system. Keep in mind, the cookie files are those that tell the previous search history of any user. As soon as you log on to the computer, the social plugins of Facebook are detected and send your cookies to Facebook. 

Professor Kelly Burns, a Mass Communication professor at the University of South Florida, has been accused of hearing conversations on Facebook. She wanted to go to the African Safari and wanted to enjoy the jeep ride. Kelly was saying these things to someone on the phone after the conversation ended, the first story of her Facebook feed was about Safari.   

However, Facebook says that it does not record any conversations of its users. Rather, through their app, they see what users are hearing and seeing so that States can make suggestions when updating. However, this feature can be turned off by changing the settings of the Facebook app.

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