Bhopal gangrape case: Congress says, state government trying to suppress the case by tampering medical report

Nov 14 2017 08:43 AM
 On the Bhopal Gangrape case, Congress attacked the state government and alleged that every attempt has been made to suppress the case. Now the questions have started to stand on the medical report, which stated that it is a case of relationship not created by rape but desire. 
The victim's Sultaniya's medical exam was done on 1st November in Jana Hospital. According to the news of Hindustan Times, the hospital administration told that two medical students filed this report. The administration said in cleansing that due to the mistake of both the students, the report has been disturbed and a notice has also been issued against them. 

Congress spokesman KK Mishra says that the police did not file a complaint in the first case and then the disturbance with the report clearly shows that the case is being tried to be routed. He has demanded criminal action against the accused doctors. Congress being the opposition party is taking a lot of interest to prove the state government wrong.

Police officer Hemant Srivastava, who is investigating the case, said that the report is wrong, because of which the police also dismissed the case. This is expected to be a fraud to hide the real criminals and stop them from getting punished.
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