Boys should keep these things in mind before going on a date

Sometimes things that you do not consider necessarily are really necessary when you are going for a date. This becomes more important at the time when you have been dating someone. The first date decides whether to meet again or not. People say that First Impression is the Last Impression.

The boys never think that girls can leave them because of the habits of them. How does he eat? How much time he spend with his friends etc.

All these things matter a lot, on the basis of this a girl decides whether she should meet you or not. Let me tell you that a girl left her boyfriend just because he ate non-veg and picked up the phone without his hands clean.

So it is important to have a clean habit. A woman said that she became friend with a boy online, but when she met that person, his voice was not as it was expected. Also a girl refused the boy just because his dressing sense was not exactly right. So these are the things a boy should keep in mind before going on a date.

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