Brahma Kumaris: Know the power of Concentration

Jan 12 2018 01:23 PM
Brahma Kumaris: Know the power of Concentration

Sometimes people feel that it is very difficult to concentrate or focus on the task, job or goal and it is because of the lack of concentration power that occurs due to many reasons such as problems in relationships with colleagues, friends or family members or any other issue that is preying on the mind. Such worry pulls our attention away from the matter in hand, which leads to severe results. To develop the ability of concentration, one needs to train one’s mind and focus on the quality of thoughts.

Stabilizing the digressive thoughts is nothing but concentration. When we concentrate on any pure thought, it starts to stabilize the mind, which brings peace of mind. It is just like when we drop a coin in muddy water, we are unable to see the coin, but if we drop it in clear water, we can see the coin clearly. Here, it indicates that concentration is possible only when we have clear and positive thoughts, while pointless and waste thoughts disturb the inner peace.

When the mind is silent, there is happiness inside and outside. It is a great benefit and gains to be able to silence the mind when its services are not needed. This can be achieved through the practice of Rajyoga Meditation, in which we concentrate on one thought: “I am a peaceful and powerful soul, receiving powerful energy from my loving Father, the Supreme Soul” and, thus, gain the concentration power.

When we concentrate on this one though, other thoughts begin to slow down and thereby we experience peace and calmness. The more we practice Rajyoga Meditation, our ability to focus, judge and to concentrate increases; and this helps us to tackle different situations in our life.It helps us to think in a higher, concentrated way – thinking less and thinking power. Pure thoughts generate a lot of clarity, focus and spiritual force which helps to achieve success in life.


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