Burari Suicide Case: Unknown person claims family was in contact with 'Beedi wale Baba'

Jul 11 2018 10:43 AM
Burari Suicide Case: Unknown person claims family was in contact with 'Beedi wale Baba'

New Delhi  [India], Jul 11 (NT): On Tuesday, an unknown person has revealed the shocking revelation to the police. The unknown person has written a letter to the police commissioner and told him about the contact between the Bhatia family and a tantrik. In the investigation, till now the police has not found evidence of an outsider or any other tantrik except 11 members of the family who are dead. But this anonymous letter has again given a new twist to the case.

It is being told that this anonymous letter was written to the Police Commissioner on July 3. The person who wrote the letter said that in a family of 11 people who had committed mass suicide due to the religious superstition in Burari, was in contact with Baba from Delhi.

In this anonymous letter written to the police, there is a mention of a Bidi wale Baba. The writer of the letter claims that the Bhatia family of Baradi had to come near this Tantric. In the letter, it is said that the real name of this tantrik living in Karla of Delhi is Chandra Prakash Pathak. In fact, this tantrik named Chandra Prakash Pathak is popularly known as Beedi wale baba in Karla area. According to the letter, the bidi wale baba calls himself a devotee of Hanuman.

This Baba's wife is also a tantrik. The person who wrote the chit claimed that the 11 members of the Bhatia family who have died in Burari have seen that they have gone to Baba. The unknown person has appealed to the police that Baba's hand may be behind these deaths so it should be investigated.

In the Burari scandal earlier, during the investigation, the police received important clues from the CCTV footage. According to the police, the clues so far have been indicating that all the members of the family have self- indulgence of their desire to get salvation in fanaticism.

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