Canada's invites for permanent residency to Indians increase by 200%

Jun 15 2018 11:31 AM
Canada's invites for permanent residency to Indians increase by 200%

MUMBAI: Canada is gradually emerging as an extension of the Indian mainland.

Immense  excitement is being observed among Indians regarding the Express Entry programme of Canada which offers the top-ranked candidates with a permanent residency. Express Entry is Canada’s scheme which offers key economic migration.

Under the Express Entry programme, out of the 86,022 individuals were offered a permanent residency in 2017, out of which about 36,310 were Indians. The number of invitations in 2017 was double of the invitations sent in the previous year. In 2016, merely 11,037 invites were sent which increased by 200% in the next year. 

The Canadian government has issued an Express Entry Year-end Report of 2017 according to which, approximately one lakh candidates applied for permanent residency under the Express Entry programme in 2017, out of which 86,022 invitations were sent and amongst them 65,401 permanent residents and their families were sent to into Canada.

Hence, more than 26,000 Indians have become the permanent residents of Canada. Amongst all the candidates who were granted with the permanent residency, most of the individuals were into professions like information system analysts, software engineers and designers, computer programmers and university lecturers.

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