Cash-less or Less Cash what is the objective of govt.?

Cash-less or 'Less-cash' a confusion is propogated?

After demonetization Modi Govt. is highly emphasizing over cash-less transactions and has announced a big nation wide scheme of monetary rewards for encouraging it. Owing to this strong emphasis, many people with negative approach are creating even such a baseless confusion that, people won't have cash for purchasing vegetables or a cup of tea. This is totally false that govt. is making any pressure for becoming cash-less. The wrongly used term 'Cash-less means without cash'' is also highly responsible for it. This should be understood clearly that "any perticular transaction can be called as cash-less but the whole economy can't become cash-less in near future".

How much less cash is possible:

While, the term cash-less has become more popular but the common sense indicates that no country can become 100% cash less and some amount of cash in the system facilitates economy to a large extent. However, few countries like Sweden, Norwey, Belgium, etc. have attained a stage of 90% to 95% of cash-less transactions but now they are not further truying to completely wipe out their currency. Reaching to their stage of nearly cash-less economy, our country may take around 25-30 long years. Therefore, looking at the present conditions, it is right and bettrer to use the term 'less-cash' instead of 'cash-less' for the desired system.  

What Modi's people said:

That's why our FM Arun Jaitly himself clarified that we are actually aimimg at 'Less cash' system and not for 'Cash-less'. PM Modi has also mentioned the same intensions, in some of his speeches. His advisors at Niti Aayog have also explained our economy will become transparent and honest, as much as we will reduce use of cash.

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