Check out the 'Oops' Moments of popular B-town Divas !
Check out the 'Oops' Moments of popular B-town Divas !

We all face some embarrassing moments in life, but it’s not a limelight if mango people have any. But if our B-town celebs are in any such situation, then it’s a big thing. Lets’ have look at few such moments.

1. Oops it’s showing off:-

Daughter Sinha is famous for her dressing style but is this what we are watching is also her style. Isn’t she aware of what she is wearing or is she trying to make it a new style. Bra seen through t-shirt, is it good to look?

2. Less clothes on required places:-

Such a pretty white gown wore by B-town diva Kangana Ranaut, but this can be more prettier if clothes are used at proper places. Some more should be invested and the outfit may look more good than now.

3. Sweet Little Dress:-

The sweet little B-town actress, Alia Bhatt wears little dresses and look cute no doubt. But sometimes the dresses are too short to cover up. Did she realised it?? Or only media people noticed that.

3. Short Heighted Dress:-

Barbie girl Katrina is not too short to cover all her body in this little pink dress. The designer must have mistakenly made it too short. The flairs are flying in air and which results in an embarrassing moment for Katrina.

5. Black See Through:-

Miss Kapoor is looking so gorgeous in this black gown. Her outfits and style is very popular among teens. But will this bold see through gown, become popular as well. Let’s think.

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