Children are born with graduate degrees in this hospital

There is a hospital in Gastonia, America, where every new born child goes home with a degree in his graduation. You might be shocked after hearing this, but this is true. 

In fact in the Carromont Regional Medical Center in Gastonia, USA, when the newborn child gets completely healthy and goes home, then at that time, the staff of the hospital, has a graduation for a normal life for the child's health and for normal parents. 

Behind this, the hospital believes that any newborn baby who starts her/his life from the ICU, that child, and their parents suffer a lot, in such a way to make the child and their parents realize something new It is also organized to give courage. 

The hospital believes that the child does not know that he is fighting life and death, while the child is also in the ICU, the parents also go through a lot of shock. 

In order to remove the fear of ICU from the parents' mind and to make the hospital happy, the hospital keeps a graduation ceremony of new born children and celebrates the child's new life by dancing joyfully to the new life of the child.

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