China Starts Experimenting About 200 Days Of Simulation on Another Planet

Recently, China has begun its experiment to stay on another planet for 200 days. In this, 200-day experiment they will study the needs of living without sunlight. 

This is being done by the students of Beijing University of China and now they will find out, how years of human life can live without these rays. This test being done by the students of Beijing University has been named Lunar Place 365, which will last for 200 days.

By this experiment it will be seen that how many days humans can live without sun rays. This experiment will also help in the formation of oxygen from plants on plants on Moon or Mars and recycling urine and changing it to drinking water. 

This test involves four students who are living in a small place separate from friends and family to complete the experiment so that they can see how long they can live without sunlight.

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