Choose clothes according to your body type

Everyone want to look beautiful in what they wear. Women have a lot of options in the case of clothing. Many times it happens that when they buy clothes, it look good but it doesn't look good after wearing them.

The reason behind this is, they do not buy the clothes according to their body type, but buy whatever they like. It is a common practice, most people do not know about it.

By paying attention towards this, you can look very beautiful. If your body is apple-size then you should wear clothes that do not highlight your waist and stomach.

Whether you wear V dress or Top or A line dress, this trick will make you look more beautiful. Also, do not wear jeans that are sticking to the skin. If your body is less wide on the shoulder and more from the bottom, then you can wear scarves, pashmina stalls or colorful jewelery in order to show the shoulders broad.

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