Congress will not repeat its mistake, likely to contest with BSP

Jul 12 2018 09:22 PM
Congress will not repeat its mistake, likely to contest with BSP
In the Gujarat elections being considered as extremely important for Rahul Gandhi, the Congress was tired of losing the election. In the last time of the election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi campaigned furiously and tried hard to capitalize on Gujarat.
The result was that the BJP managed to win the elections, but he got stuck in 99 assembly seats in the 182 seats. CPI leader Atul Anjan says that if Congress coordinated better than Dalit-tribal organizations before elections, then it could win in Gujarat elections. 
At the moment, the Congress has given clear indications of join hands with the Bahujan Samaj Party in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee chief Kamal Nath on Tuesday said that he is seriously thinking about contesting the elections in conjunction with BSP in this assembly elections. 
He acknowledged that some BSP leaders are in talks with this context. This has not been final since both parties, but if this happens, then the BJP can get more trouble in Madhya Pradesh. 
BSP can play an important role.
In Madhya Pradesh's last assembly elections, the BJP had won 44.88 percent. At the same time, Congress got 36.38 votes and BSP got 6.29 percent votes. In this sense, if the Congress is contesting with the communist parties influencing BSP and tribal groups, then it can present a tough challenge to the BJP. 
It is a matter of note that at least BSP is known as a party which can transfer its vote to its coalition partners. Accordingly, if the Congress and the BSP vote bank come together, the BJP will find it difficult to win many seats then.
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