Crispy and healthy Corn biscuit


Flour - 200g Corn Flour - 100g Moong Dal flour - 80 grams Dry spinach - 10 grams Egg - 1 (optional) Sugar - 130 grams Ghee - 130 grams Milk - 150 ml Vanilla essence - 1/2 fraction


In a vessel, mix corn, moong dal, flour and mix it well. Remember to use a fine donoze sieve to filter the mixture. Now add baking powder to it. Mix ghee and sugars in a second vessel. Put eggs and vanilla essence in another vessel and stir it well.

Now put the dough and egg in the sugar and ghee mixture slowly and mix it. Now add milk to it and knead the dough.

Cover the dough for a while. After half an hour, make a large cylindee of kneaded dough and make a thick bread.

Now cut biscuits with the help of a bowl or a glass. Now cook these biscuits in baking tray for about 25 minutes at 350 Fahrenheit temperature in the oven. If they are well cooked, let them out and let them cool. Your corn biscuits are ready.

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