Don't eat Ice-cream right before sleeping

Many people do not take the problem of sleeping as a disease, but understanding it as a small problem and consuming sleeping pills, or neglecting it is not good at all. There are many reasons for not sleeping. Stress is the biggest reason. Sometimes there is a problem of breathing in the night while sleeping, or because of any other problem, sleep does not occur all night.

Fat and sugar are high in ice cream, which hits in the body and the energy starts circulating in the body, sleep also disappears due to this. So do not eat ice cream at night. Many people have a habit of drinking alcohol in the night; they have a pretext for this habit that gives good sleep, but the reality is the opposite. Drinking alcohol has a negative effect on the process of sleeping.

By drinking alcohol and getting up in the morning, there will be no freshness throughout the day. Dark chocolate should not be eaten at night, the amount of caffeine is very high. Whatever food you eat before sleeping, it is a light meal, excessive eating of food leads to stomach related problems and sleep disturbs.

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