Eat chocolate when blood pressure gets low

With low blood pressure, our body's blood circulation stops and does not reach the necessary organs. In this way, heart, kidney, lungs and brains can not function fully. Today, we are going to tell you about the measures being taken immediately after blood pressure is low.

1- If you suddenly lose your blood pressure, then drink coffee. Apart from this, chocolates can also be eaten.

2- Sometimes the lack of salt reduces blood pressure. So, in such a glass of water, one teaspoon of salt is dissolved. BP becomes natural.

3- When blood pressure is low, in a glass of water, lemon, salt and sugar can also be drunk. By drinking it, BP becomes normal.

4- If your BP is taken frequently, then take regular raisins. For this, soak 30-40 raisins in soaked water in the night and eat it in empty stomach in the morning. This will benefit greatly. 5-Tulsi leaves contain plenty of magnesium, potassium and vitamin C. By taking this blood pressure is normal.

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