Excess love can be the reason for breakup

Ask any person and you will find answer that I have had so many breaks. There are many reasons for breakup. Cheating, lying but many times more love can also be the reason. It was researched after which the report revealed that more love than the necessity between the two people becomes the reason for their separation. In this research, love is said to be the end of the relationship and the cause of breakup.

According to experts, in countries like America and Europe, it has emerged that a major reason for the breakdown of most weddings has to be more sensitive towards their partner. In fact, when a partner loves their relationship very much, then he wants the same love from the other. If the other partner does not understand this, then the relationship is trapped in the difficulties.

According to this report, this situation proves to be dangerous for both people. In this one person thinks that his partner has no value, while the other thinks that his freedom is snatching. Both of them start looking for something new as soon as this situation comes.

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Excess love can be the reason for breakup

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