Facebook confirms data sharing ties with Chinese companies Huawei and Oppo

Washington: Face book Inc asserted Tuesday that  it involves in data sharing ties with at least four Chinese companies including Huawei which is the world`s third largest smartphone maker. This company has also come under scrutiny from US intelligence agencies for security reasons.

The social media giant said Huawei, computer maker Lenovo Group, and smartphone makers OPPO and TCL Corp were among about 60 international companies that got access to some user data after they inked contracts to re-form Facebook-like experiences for their users.

Members of Congress showed unease after The New York Times reported on this data sharing –ties on Sunday, saying that data of users` friends could have been accessed without their explicit consent’. Facebook deprived of that and said the data access was to consent to its users to access account features on mobile devices.

However more than half of the ties have already been wound down, Facebook clarified. It asserted on Tuesday that company would end the Huawei contract later this week. Apart from this FB is also ending the other three ties with Chinese firms as well.

Chinese telecommunications companies have come under scrutiny from US intelligence officials who argue they offer an opportunity for foreign intelligence and threaten significant US infrastructure, something the Chinese have over and over again deprived of.





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