Facts a man should know about his male genitals

We often bring you stories related to interesting facts. In which we tell you about some interesting things and interesting facts related to the person. In this connection, today we are going to tell you some interesting things related to the gender of men. 

You will never have heard about before. There is some information in these facts, which may distract some people from reading it. So we advise you to start reacting to these facts according to your understanding.

-The male's gender is generally quite delicate. Because of which there is no question of fracture in it, but due to the excitement, the gender of the men becomes very tight. Because of which the possibility of fracture increases in men's sex.

- Cold water is considered to be the most dangerous for men's penis. If your penis is exposed to cold water regularly, you may soon be a victim of negligence.

-You might be surprised to know that only one part of our brain controls the activities of our sex directly.

-If your penis does not get stiff after excitation then you need to show the doctor. This is a sign of sex ailment.

-Extremely curved sex can also cause sex problems. This is the biggest sign of impotence. You should contact the doctor immediately to avoid this.

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