Finland is full of surprising facts
Finland is a small country, but it is full of many qualities. Here you will find many such things that will surprise you and at the same time, entertain you also. After knowing the rules of Finland, you will be amazed. So, before visiting Finland, you must know the facts about it.
Finland is a small country in the world. The population here is only about 55 lakhs. And not only that, you will be surprised by knowing the law here. The special thing of Finland is that the sun lasts for 23 hours. And hides after 23 hours. The traffic rule here is very different from other countries. If someone is punished for breaking traffic rules then his fine must be according to his salary.
Do you know. That Finland is also known as the Land of Lake, because there are 1,87,888 lakes here. Not only that, both Nokia and Angari Word, both of which are identified in major companies of the world, are of Finland. Knowing this will make you feel a bit weird that here the nails of cats are strictly forbidden to cut. There is also a golf club in Finland whose half-holes are in one country, and other halves in another country. 

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