Flax Seeds will relieve you of Period Pain
Flax Seeds will relieve you of Period Pain

Many women have to face a lot of problems in the period of their menstruation. Four days of Periods are the most troublesome day for any woman. Some women suffer a lot during the period, causing them a lot of trouble.

Especially for working women these days are very difficult. Problems like pain in the stomach, tingling, swelling, and acne can be seen.

But today we are going to tell you about a way that you can get rid of these problems during your periods. Necessary ingredients- Banana, linseed, dark chocolate powder How to make- To make this, first of all, put all the above-mentioned things in a vessel, mix these things together and grind them in a mixer.

Now start taking this paste from 10 days before the date of your period, and eat it till then until your periods are completed. You will get rid of the problems that occur in your periods due to frequent consumption of it for a few months.

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