Follow Ayurveda rules in rainy season

Rainy season comes after summer, sudden change of weather and fear of infection in the rainy season is more. Due to this change in weather, the body's immunity becomes weak. In this way many diseases attack us.

According to Ayurveda, bile increases very much in the monsoon and the fire element gives energy to our body, it is responsible for digesting food. Stomach indigestion caused by bile in this season, acidity, skin-related diseases such as pimples and diseases such as eczema and hair loss and infection can easily be seen.

In this season, don't use mustard oil, butter, peanut to cook food but use other oils such as butter, olive oil, corn oil and sunflower oil. Eat Lightweight foods that are easier to digest, eat steam vegetables polenta, pumpkin, corn, chickpea flour in the rainy season. Eat steam salad instead of raw salad. Eat some kind of neem, bitter gourd, it will save you from the infection.

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