Gaurav Chopra is quite excited on the arrival of Karan Mehra's baby

Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal welcomed their first baby and became proud parents. Actor Gaurav Chopra who was with Karan on Bigg Boss 10 feels extremely thrilled on the arrival of baby.

Gaurav stated, "It made me so happy. I usually don't do all such stuff, but I just couldn't help myself from tweeting about the same even before Karan announced it to the world about his baby's arrival. I kind of hinted at the good news coming across KarNish fans. I went there to meet them, to meet the little superstar. His first ever smiling picture was the one that I clicked it. It was a beautiful click that Karan and his family took it from me. I was just talking to the baby, introducing myself to the little one and he just kind of smiled suddenly. I couldn't lose out on that moment and had to capture it instantly. I think it just recognised the voice. He started to smile while he was sleeping only."

He also said, "The baby was born at the midnight, a day ago. He and Nisha both are doing good. I actually looked at the handsome little boy and laughingly asked Karan, 'Yeh tera kaise hogaya?!'" When asked whom does the little cutie pie look like, Nisha or Karan? "I can't say who does the baby resemble. He was just a few hours old when I saw. But he has a very prominent cleft on the chin and is a pretty baby, a very pretty one. But I would love if the description is out by the father himself."

Gaurav said, " And you know actually the craziest thing was, I, right from the beginning had felt that it was a boy. While talking to Karan about the pregnancy and about the baby, earlier too I always used to refer to the baby as 'him' and Karan would be like why just say 'him' and not 'her'. Not that I was biased towards a boy but I just felt that I kept feeling it was a boy only.

Probably that is the way he just smiled too", said Gaurav laughingly. "Apparently the family has shortlisted a few names of the baby but will let it out when they feel comfortable."

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