Get rid of Allergy forever

Being allergic to food sounds a little strange. Are you allergic to peanuts, eggs and other food items? The effective method of finding relief from this kind of allergy has been discovered. Scientist utilized techniques from the therapy that helps in protecting your body from allergic reactions.

Tell you that the symptoms of allergy or asthma increases even more when your immune cells react to proteins in allergens.

According to the scientist, allergy is a memory that can be eliminated. It means that before you get sick, then that disease can be stopped.

According to the researchers, you can take stem cells from your blood and insert a gene that can control the allergy protein. Engineer cells can produce new blood cells that help eliminate allergies.

The people suffering from allergies from this research will benefit greatly. Some people may be allergic to milk like lassi or buttermilk, cheese, condensed milk, ice cream, yogurt, cottage cheese, gulab jamun and kheer. French toast, cakes, cookies, and pancakes are avoided. Anyone who is allergic to peanuts can eat nuts, cashews and almonds after this.

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