India's Uranium Reserves is located very far below the Haribhari hills in Jharkhand. The work of the mine in Narwahapahad of Jagadgoda town in Jharkhand is entirely dependent on machines. It is present in the depth of 70 to 1000 meters from the ore surface. 

To remove the ore, about 300 to 400 tons of stone is blasted and drilled and brought to the surface. After breaking the rocks, the ore is removed from the machines, then the radioactive substance is separated into a large machine through a complex chemical process.

CK Asanani, Chairman and Managing Director of Uranium Corporation of India Limited, told NDTV, "In the mines where we remove uranium, here we are completely safe. And as far as the question is concerned, it is said that in the children born in this area, there are symptoms of disability, the reason behind this is that digging out of here is wrong and insecure. 

Here is the video showing Uranium Mines from inside.

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