Here is a trick to avoid blue ticks even after you've read the message on WhatsApp

Mar 13 2018 12:37 PM
Here is a trick to avoid blue ticks even after you've read the message on WhatsApp

While technology makes life easier, there are some bad things about it. If you talk about WhatsApp, where people are connecting with each other, many times they also work on creating misunderstandings and creating distances in relationships. In fact, it is often on WhatsApp that we do not want to send a reply immediately. But when you see the message on the WhatsApp, the blue ticks appear.   

If you switch to Blue Tick option by going to Settings which can be found as Read Receipts, you also stop seeing updates of other people too. Here is an interesting way through which the message of the sender can also be seen and the sender will feel that the message has not been read yet. 

  • As soon as there is a Whatsapp message on the phone, turn off the mobile data or turn off wifi mode without seeing it. Then read the message.   
  • Come out and close the WhatsApp from recent windows as well. It is important to do this. Otherwise, if you go online, there will be a blue tick in the message. 
  • Go back online. Be sure that WhatsApp is opened while mobile data is turned off. It is better not to open it for about half an hour. 
  • After this, use the WhatsApp normally. The message will remain unread.

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