Honeypreet, I circulated Rs. 10 crores for the violence in Panchkula

Oct 11 2017 03:08 PM
Honeypreet,  I circulated Rs. 10 crores for the violence in Panchkula

Chandigarh. During the remand, Honeypreet, so-called daughter of Ram Rahim, admitted that violence in Panchkula was at his order. According to SIT, Honeypreet said that she also circulated Rs. 10 crores for the violence. After remand, the SIT Court presented Honeypreet and Sukhdeep Kaur in Panchkula Court on Tuesday. Previously, Honeypreet was presented in the court on October 4. During this, Honeypreet said that I am not guilty. On 25th August, Honeypreet was accused of scheming the violence in Panchkula. In Panchkula violence, 36 people were killed and 5 were also killed in Sirsa.

- On Tuesday, the SIT said in the court, "Honeypreet had viral video anti-video." The video was a slogan that if the Ram Rahim gets punished, then the map of India will wipe out from the world from Honeypreet's mobile. Honeypreet's Marked Map is in the laptop to riot in Panchkula. "

- SIT said, "The mobile and laptop are to be recovered, the mobile is with the brother of Sukhdev Kaur in Bathinda, besides Honeypreet knows the whereabouts of Pawan, Aditya and Gobiram." Sith Honeypreet can once again go to Bathinda.

- Honeypreet was presented in court on October 4. According to Honeypreet's lawyer, "Honeypreet was crying in the courtroom that on the one hand women's empowerment is spoken and on the other hand the innocent human is being sent on a 6-day police remand, which was adopted by Dera Chief Ram Rahim. Honeypreet has no hands in the incidents that have taken place since August 25. She is deliberately being implicated in all this. The reasons for being underground for so many days it was that Honeypreet was in the Depression. "z

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