How to avoid unwanted pregnancy?

Everyone wants to have sex but it is very important to know about the dangers associated with it before sex. Although there are many dangers associated with sex, the greatest danger is the unwanted pregnancy. Many times, during sexual intercourse, couples establish sexual relations without protection.

The result of which can come in the form of unwanted pregnancy. However, there are many ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy in the market which can be used to avoid this problem. In this connection, today we are going to tell you about some such methods of getting rid o the unwanted pregnancy.

Contraception pill: There are many contraceptive pills available in the market. If you have sex without protection, then you can get rid of the risk of unwanted pregnancy by taking a contraceptive pill within 72 hours.

Copper T: This is the latest way to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy. Actually, this is made of plates and copper. Which is implanted in women's uterus and is freed from unwanted pregnancy. After applying it, you can have sex without the condom too. Even then you will survive the danger of pregnancy.

Injection: With the help of injection these days, women get rid of the unwanted pregnancy.

Condom: This is the most effective way. With the help of which you can be free from the risk of unwanted pregnancy. However, despite the use of condoms many times the cases of pregnancy have been revealed. Such condoms are caused by bursts.

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