Identification of 23,000 websites promoting suicide
Identification of 23,000 websites promoting suicide

Russia's Consumer Security Department has identified more than 23,000 websites in the past five years, promoting the content of suicide or 'how to commit suicide'. 

According to the news agency, in a statement on Tuesday, it was said in a statement that from November 1, 2012, they have examined more than 25,000 websites and 23,700 of them have found out about the methods of suicides. 

The monitoring group has said that it has worked with law enforcement to raise information from groups and communities promoting online suicide among juveniles and children.

Suicide in Russia is a big social issue, according to the Russian Statistical Organization Rostate. The Government has hastened the efforts to resolve this issue. This has reduced the rate of suicide in 14 years in the last 50 years after warning the suicidal websites.

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