If you often get cheated, then follow these steps

It can not be said when, how and where a person can be cheated. Sometimes our very close ones even cheat us. If you are cheated repeatedly then by adopting these Vaastu remedies, you can avoid it.

To avoid deception in love, use light pink or any other light bed sheet in the bedroom. Do not have a mirror in the bedroom just in front of the bed. 

Sprinkle the Ganges water in the whole house every morning. 

Do not sit back to the door or window. Sitting such increases the risk of getting cheated. 

Keep washing machine in the west-north-western part of the house.

Women of the family should not wear red clothes often. 

Do not leave the dirty plate after meals for a long time. 

Keep the image of white sandalwood in a place where everyone looks at it. 

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