In this state of India, women had to pay tax to cover the breasts

Nov 13 2018 01:10 PM
In this state of India,  women had to pay tax to cover the breasts

You had hardily heard about a tax where women have to be paid to hide the breasts. Yes here you can not hide your breast. But something similar has done in India. Yes, many strange taxes are imposed in our country, which we do not know but people had to force give tax. Today we are going to tell you about this bizarre tax system.

Indeed, many taxes are filled in India and one of them was imposed on hiding women's breasts. Yes, this tax was levied in Kerala. In the 19th century, the King of Kerala had imposed a tax on the dalit women to cover their breasts and ordered them to keep their breast open when they go to the public place. If a woman's breast was found to be covered they would be punished. Not only this, women had to be fined according to the size of their breasts.

Let us tell you that it was the King of Tripura. After this order some women opposed this strange tax system but there were no results. It is said that woman who did not follow this rule of the king, her breasts were cut off. However, after some time, this rule was opposed by a woman named Nangali and after that the rule was closed.

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