Is WWE Fight Real or Fake?

One of the biggest questions is that WWE is real or fake? Often the viewers say that is real, then some say that everything is fake. But people are confused about what the actual picture is. There is a good follow-up in WWE in India. Everybody from children to elders is its fan.

What is the actual truth?

WWE has writers who write Fight's script. Most of the movements of defeats and wrestlers are also fixed. The difference is that there is no chance of a retake in it and the wrestler has no room to make a mistake.

Are the Wrestlers Using Drugs to Build Body? 

There are allegations that some Wrestlers take steroids and drugs for good body and stamina. However, there is a WWE Wellness Policy to stop it, but still, the cases of taking steroids are coming out. 

Are the wrestlers really hurt? 
Common people think that the ring is made in such a way that there is no pain while fighting the wrestlers. To a certain degree, this thing is right, but here good training is given. With many years of hard work, they avoid each other causing harm to each other.

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