Judi Dench's perception of Bollywood was song and dance

The trailer of Judi Dench and Ali Fazal starring Victoria and Abdul has unveiled. Ali at the trailer launch event, about his experience said, "We shot for the film for about 50-60 days but the first time when I met Judi Dench, we had lunch together, just to meet each other and break the ice. I was literally on the floors! I touched her feet, shook her hand and hugged her."

He also said, "She was extremely welcoming. She made me at ease. And I think that relationship began there, while we were having lunch in London. After that, we became friends. As an actor, your job is half done when your co-star becomes your friend, especially when it's Judi Dench."

"We had a lot of conversation regarding Indian films, though her perception of Bollywood was song and dance, I shared how we are much more than that. She loves our country. In fact, she was little heartbroken when she got to know that she is not coming to India; which is quite ironic because even Victoria never visited India," Ali stated in last.

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