Keep in mind these rules of Flirting

Boys often flirt with the girl whom they like. Some boys have this habit, some boys do this to get girls' attention. Some boys do not understand how flirting becomes flickering. So take care of these things.

Girls do not like boys who fall for them in one meeting. In a meeting, they start flirting with them. If you are single and like a girl in the office or college, then you can try these methods of flirting.

Keep in mind, do not roam behind the girl, she can also misunderstand you. Being funny is a good thing but do not make any personal comments. Flirt with the girl, but do not immediately send her friend request on social media or like her every picture.

This will prove to be just how big you are despo. When talking to her, never get so close that she become insecure. Do not ask her number. Do not take support of her best friend. If the girl is not showing any interest, then do not try unnecessarily!

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