Keep these things in mind before buying lipstick

Lipstick is available in many shades in markets. When purchasing this, it is important to keep in mind that which shade will suit your skin tone. If you do not recognize skin tone, then you can test a vein for it. If your wrist is showing blue veins, then it means that your skin tone is cool.

Girls with cool tones look good on red, pastel and orange colors. If the veins are looking green, then it means that your skin tone is warm. Girls with warm skin tone use Red, orange shade that has a little yellow tone and use the Pink Colors.

If your wrist vein is visible in both green and blue colors, then it is neutral tone. Every color lipstick on girls with neutral tone looks good. When you apply lipstick, take care of some suggestions, do not apply lipstick directly to lips.

Apply lip balm on lips before applying lipstick. Clean the frozen Dead Skin on a lip through a toothbrush. Now spread a layer of the concealer or powder on the lip well. Use the brush to spread well. You can draw a line around the lips by the lip liner. Now fill lipstick in it. Following these steps, lipstick will last longer.

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