Keep these things in mind before going for tracking alone

Oct 02 2018 08:40 PM
Keep these things in mind before going for tracking alone

Tracking is an wonderful activity which involves exploring beautiful and difficult spots. Now a days craze of tracking is increasing day by day. Going alone for tracking is the best thing as it let you explore new place as well as to explore yourself. For the first time in the hasty and tremendous way of tracking, we make many mistakes, which are huge. So keep track of these things when tracking for the first time.

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1. Keeping the maximum water for you while tracking, if you do not keep excessive water, you may become a victim of dehydration.

2.  You can also keep the towels with you for tracking. Now you are wondering why the towel? Many times the tracking is planned for one day but it increases to itself within two or four-five days. Therefore, there will be no better option than towels and there will be no option to wipe sweat. If the path of tracking is two to three days, then surely you will take rest.

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3. Always keep the tents during the tracking, so that you can save yourself from climatic troubles

4. Keep sufficent amount of the food which are rich source of energy as you need to be energetic.


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