Know how to worship God Vishwakarma

Lord Vishwakarma is considered to be the deity of creation. His father's name was Vasudev. Lord Vishwakarma is also considered as a god of architecture. On 17th September, his birth anniversary is celebrated.

On this day all the mechanical instruments along with him are worshipped. It is believed that worshipping of Lord Vishwakarma on this day keeps the machinery safe and for a long time.

The machinery worshipped must be cleaned and then worshipped. Worship of Lord Vishwakarma in a special way brings happiness and prosperity in life. Vastu Dosh is also removed after to worshipping them. On this day, Lord Vishwakarma's idol must be kept and offer them a lamp, sunflowers, betel nut, Chandan etc.  After this, do aarti, and then worship all the machinery items in their house by putting tilak on them.

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