Know the importance of worshipping Snake in India

This festival is celebrated with full reverence throughout the country during Panchami date of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month.

Due to rain during the month of Shravan, snakes often come out of their bills and others find temporary shelter. They do not harm humans anywhere, so they are worshiped at Nagpanchami and they are also fed milk.

It is said that in the month of Shravan, if Nagraj is worshiped, Shiva is pleased. If Shiv is pleased, then there is no fear of any crisis.

It is believed that Nagaraj's worship in Sawan helps in getting rid of poorness. The women get a good groom. It is also believed that after worshiping any living snake the gods of snakes are pleased. That is why snakes are worshipped and milk is fed to them.

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