Know the unknown facts about the human body

We see ourself in the mirror everyday. But have you ever noticed the changes or developments happening everyday? Sometimes you have thought that your brain keeps the capacities of keeping the memory in mind. Our body sees changes in every second, but that change does not make you realize. So, let's know about the unknown facts about our body.

Long-term sleeping effects bad on our hormones and brains. White mater is often in bad condition by sleeping, such people gets stressed easily. If there is no blood circulation in the body even after one minute, then it can kill us immediately . Tell you that cornea is the only organ in the body where there is no blood circulation.

They take oxygen directly from the air. During the summer season, the hair increases rapidly during the night. The human brain has 2.5 beta bites or 10 million gigabytes. When someone feels thirsty, then he just gets tired of drinking water.

When the weight of the body is less than 1 percent, the body gets reduced inside the body. If your body has depleted more than 5% water then it will become unconscious and you may die if you lose 10%.

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