Know why Lord Krishna loves to wear Mukut with Mor Pankh on it
Know why Lord Krishna loves to wear Mukut with Mor Pankh on it

Lord Krishna is the most beloved of all the gods. His devotees always keep decorate him with new clothes and ornaments. In which they are wearing a lot of ornaments, and together with peacock feathers on the head.

Peacock feathers are so dear to Lord Krishna that it is an important part of his makeup. That is why Shri Krishna is also called by the name of Mormukat Dhari. Peacock's feathers always hold on its crown But do you know why Krishna loves so much from peacock feathers?

Once Krishna was sleeping in the forest with his friends. Then Krishna's eyes opened and the weather was very good. Seeing this, they started playing the flute.

With the music, all the animals started dancing to the birds. They also had some peacocks which were dancing. When the music was finished, the king of the peahen went to Krishna and broke his wings and dropped it on the ground.

Peahen gave these wings to Krishna as Gurudakshina which Krishna congratulated happily and said that Krishna punished him on his hair. On this, Krishna said that he would always wear these wings on his crown.

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