LEAKED: Hyundai to launch first electric car very soon

Sep 21 2018 11:45 AM
LEAKED: Hyundai to launch first electric car very soon

Hyundai introduced its electric car at the 2018 Auto Expo. Since then, it was being used to launch its launch. After the Maruti Suzuki cars in India, Hyundai's automobiles are quite popular. These two companies were still selling hybrid cars only in the market. But Kona Car Hyundai's car will be the first electric car which will travel up to 384 km on a single charge  

Although this car will not be completely indigenous. The part of this car will be imported and sold to Hyundai Tamil Nadu plant. The price of the car will not be too high due to selling in the country itself. Fast charging can also be given by the company in the car. In which it will be charged for less than 1 hour. 

Talking about normal charging, it will take up to 6 hours to fully charge it. This car will have a 64 kW battery which will generate the power of 201 bhp and 395 nm torque.  If the car is rated as speed, then it will catch the speed of 167 kilometers very easily.

Along with this electric car, Hyundai will launch even more small cars in the Indian market. There will be a hatchback car, a compact SUV, and an electric car. Only electric cars will be given importance in the coming times in India. The government has also announced every kind of help to further increase the electric mobility. Slowly all the companies are preparing to move forward in this segment. 

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