Lets Know How Internet Advanced From 1G to 5G

The Internet is currently being used by almost everyone. Due to this, the competition is now underway in user telecom companies. Recently running technology 4G/5G technology is currently being offered by some broadband companies. Reliance Jio is ahead in the same queue.

Here are the meanings of G's of Generation. Whenever a phone comes with a new tech, it is called the NetCTS Generation smartphone. 

1G technology: This technique was first introduced in America. The battery life of these phones is very bad. Apart from this, voice quality and security are also poor. 

2G technology: This technology is based on GSM which is used digital signals. Its speed was 64 kbps. It was first launched in Finland. These phones had features such as feature SMS, camera and moling. 

3G technology: These smartphones include features such as heavy games, large files transfer and video calling. 

4G technology: 100 Mbps i.e. one gigabyte per second speed can be used. It's expensive from 3G. 

5G technology: There will be no limit in its connectivity and speed. This will be based on wireless technology in the future. There will be more security in the 5G smartphone. 

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