Life Lessons we should learn from Gandhi Ji

Oct 02 2017 11:49 AM
Life Lessons we should learn from Gandhi Ji

The man behind independent India had struggled a lot to free our country from Britishers, the man who is known for his sacrifices and non-violence. The great Indian leader, politician and a journalist Mahatma Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi born on 2octuber 1869, in Porbandar. Though Gandhi Ji had left the world his sacrifices will always remain in our heart. He inspired millions of Indians to follow his example and succeeded in making his country free after decades of struggle.There is plenty that one can learn and apply from this peaceful revolutionary’s courageous convictions and actions.

Here are some his life lessons that we should follow them : 
-Simple living high thinking 
As we all know that Gandhi always used to live a simple life he sacrificed all the luxuries of his and always lived in a simple manner. One can learn the art of simplicity from his example.

-Try to be selfless
He always tries to make a will to live for other he always tries to live the life selfless way. This makes one get over the narrow tunnel vision of personal achievement, and realize that one lives in a wide and diverse world.

-Be Yourself 
He always encourages people to be yourself and always guided the people to believe in yourself and fight the odds bravely in tough times. 

-Forgiveness needs strength
He also said that one should be mentally strong to forget and forgive others and to yourself also. Try to solve the issue in a peaceful manner without feeling animosity. Look at the positive aspects of other people instead of dwelling your mind on their negative traits.

- The means is more important than the end
Gandhi Ji always believes in completing life goals that why he always follow the path of non-violent protest to fight the British. Gandhi showed that however important one’s goal may be, it is virtuous to adopt honest and upright means to reach it.

-Control yourself 
Do not take things to heart, and find solace in the thought that God ensures that everything happens for the best.Put your best effort in crisis situations, and react with intelligence and equanimity when the going gets tough.

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