Lucknow University prohibits entry into campus on Valentine's Day

Feb 13 2018 08:32 PM
Lucknow University prohibits entry into campus on Valentine's Day

Lucknow University has issued a circular for the students in another instance of moral policing. The students have slammed the circular advising the students to not celebrate Valentine’s Day in the university premises. It has declared an off on February 14th (coinciding with Maha Shivratri) and barred the students to not roam in the campus.

The statement cited “influence of western culture” as the reason for the notice. It also said that the students want to celebrate Valentine’s Day in the campus. The notice was issued by university proctor Vinod Singh. The notice informed about the suspension of every class and practical on the day, ordered students to not enter the campus and urged parents to not send their wards to university.  

The students seemed unhappy and agitated over this act of moral policing and cited this as an example of “chhoti soch” or narrow-mindedness. Opposing the decision of prohibiting entry in the campus, a student said, “If we won’t enter the university, then who will.”

“We are adults and the proctor should not tell us what to do,” said a student while another suggested that the university administration should emphasise on the teaching quality rather than telling students how to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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