Make hair scrub at home
Make hair scrub at home

Like skin, it is also important to take care of hair too. Exfoliation treatment should also be given to the hair. But before giving treatment to hair, it is better to know about its properties and its side effects. You can do it at home also. For this you can make hair pack at home. Mix baking soda, shampoo and tea tree oil in equal amounts.

When baking soda and shampoo mix well, then apply it like a hair mask. Do not forget to scrub hair. Pay attention to hair roots and clean them from the root. Five minutes after this scrub, apply hair conditioner by shampooing hair.

Can make scrub at home only. For this, buy Sea salt from the market, and soak four spoons of salt in coconut oil completely. Now put it on the hair like a scrub. If the texture is not correct then it can get water or hair gels to correct it. At the end, shampoo hair and make the conditioner. And if you can make hair scrub. Make a paste by mixing sugar and oil, apply it for 15 minutes and then shampoo. Mix olive oil and brown sugar in equal amounts, apply this paste on the hair well and then scrub. After this wash the hair conditioner.

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