Mandu is the tourist destination of MP in monsoon

Dhar is located in the district of Madhya Pradesh, many years old and with many stories, a town named Mandu is located here. Here you will find many great historical buildings that tell many stories in itself. Several years ago, the emperor Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati had constructed different palaces. Many people know about their immortal love story.

It is a very important tourist spot situated on the land of Madhya Pradesh and in the last few years, the place has attracted many native and foreign tourists. Mandu is also known as Mandavgarh.

Here are some palaces to visit:

Rani Roopmati palace: Rani Roopmati palace is the pride of Mandu. Built on the height, this palace was built by Baaz Bahadur for his queen. It is said that Rani got up in the morning only after seeing the river Narmada, then she used to receive food. Keeping this in view, the Emperor built this palace on high altitude so that the Queen could get a rare glimpse of Narmada Mata.

Jahaj Mahal: This palace has been built between the two artificial ponds in the shape of the ship and this is why it is called jahaj mahal. It was constructed around 1500 AD. It offers a very beautiful piece of architecture. Looking at this palace from a distance, it seems as if a ship was floating in the water.

Hindola Mahal: This palace was built in the shape of swing. A bit sloping from one side, this palace looks like a swing from a distance and this is the reason that this is named after swing.

Jama Masjid: This huge mosque is counted in the main buildings of Mandu. The construction of this mosque was started during Hoshangshah's tenure. This mosque is made in a very beautiful way from inside.

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