Massage of Egg and Milk will strengthen your nail

Beautiful and long nails add four moons in the beauty of every girl. But sometimes due to lack of proper care, your nails begin to break down. But today we are going to tell you some solutions to strengthen your nails.

1- To strengthen your nails, add some beer and olive oil to some apple cider vinegar, now mix these three well. Now keep your fingernails in it for five minutes and massage it. If you do this twice a week, then your nails get stronger.

2- Egg is very beneficial for our health but do you know that by using the egg you can make your fingernails beautiful and strong, to use it, break the egg in a bowl and remove its yellow part. Now add some milk in it and massage your nails with a light hand. Doing so will make your nails shiney and strong.

3- The use of coconut oil for nail is also very beneficial. Massaging the nails with coconut oil regularly makes the nails strong and bright.

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