Monkeys are considered to be the ancestors of humans, that is, it is said that today's human being used to be a monkey in history. There is a man in Karnataka, whose is more of a monkey than human. 

His name is Kothai Raj. Everybody is shocked by seeing the ability of Kothai Raj, who climbs huge hills without any assistance. This hobby of Kothai Raj gave him the name of Monkey Man. 

Kothai Raj, who was here to receive felicitation from Kundapur region photographer’s association, climbed four floors of Kundapur’s J K Towers in a matter of minutes and cast a spell on the sea of people who had gathered to cheer him on.

Kothai is called Monkey Man because he climbs high walls, pillars, mountains, and rocks without any help. Taking the body up to 90 degrees hanging upside down on the walls is also a great specimen of the art of light. His aim is to climb Burj Khalifa.

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