Men need to adopt these healthy habits Asap

Men often spoil their health due to their bad habits and sometimes due to such a runny life. According to the experts, the person can stay healthy only when he wakes up early in the morning. If you have a habit of rising too late then change this habit.

Adopt a good routine. Use good quality oils in the food, the use of poor quality oil is greatly damaged. Do not leave breakfast in the morning and eat lunch on time in the afternoon. Eat light food at night. Drink a glass of milk before sleeping.

Exercise regularly. If you can not exercise, walk on foot and use stairs. Sperm counting is less in men with excessive use of junk food. Instead of junk food, you can consume two bananas, sprouted cereals and juice in breakfast. Most men consume alcohol and smoking, due to which their health is damaged.

If you put the laptop in the thighs, then it has a bad effect on your male potential and you can become impotent too.

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